Canine Audio Therapy System

How It Works

1. For the dog’s first exposure, play the CD at a level barely audible to you.  Remember, sounds inaudible to humans are audible toDog - canines. Place your dog in a familiar room where he/she is relaxed. Play the chosen tracks several times a day, until your dog demonstrates a relaxed behavior with the chosen sound. 
If your dog is displaying a level of fear, reduce the volume. It is imperative to remain calm, if your dog demonstrates intolerance to the sound.   
2. Over the course of next two to three weeks, gradually increase the volume in small increments. Play the CD routinely during feeding or play time, in order to associate positive events with the sounds.

3. As the program progresses increase the volume of the sound until the intensity expected mimics the actual situation. To further the conditioning, begin to play the CD in different rooms of the house, including the garden and car. Vary the time of day the CD is played.  Always interact positively with your dog when engaging in fun training exercises during his exposure to the sound. 

4. Once your dog has become desensitized to the sound, continue the process of desensitization on an ongoing basis. Although some sounds are predictable, some are seasonal, such as fireworks during the 4th of July celebrations. For this reason, it is imperative to continue therapy based on the time of the year. 

Dog - ScaredNoMore.comIn extreme cases, a dog may continue to exhibit phobic responses to certain sounds despite your best efforts. If your dog’s quality of life is being compromised, we advise you to seek help from either a certified behaviorist, or veterinarian. 

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